Buy HTI Forms (HTI Portal Checker) now. You can use the HTI Portal Checker to apply via HTI Portal into any institution recognised by abled bodies including Ministry of Health (MOH).

How to buy HTI Portal Checker for HTI Forms

1. Visit Checker Cards Forms website:

2. Select “Nursing Training Admission Forms“.

3. Click on the “Buy Now”.

If you use this link: HTI Forms, you will skip steps 1-3.

4. Fill in the details by adding your First nameLast namePhone number and E-mail address.

5. Scroll down and click on “Place Order”.

6. Select “Pay with Mobile Money” and enter your MoMo number.

7. Click on “Confirm”.

8. Approve payment on your phone by entering your Mobile Money Pin.

Alternatively, you may pay with your credit card. In Step 8. Select “Pay with Card” to make a payment using your credit/debit card.

You will receive a Serial Number and Pin in your Email in less than 1 hour and our agent will guide you through the process involved.


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